20 Kurta handed to Umrah officers

IBNU Anwari Collection, a local Muslim-wear brand, handed over 20 pieces of Kurta, the official attire for Umrah officers from At-Taqwa Travel Tours during the December Umrah pilgrimage.

On hand to present the Kurtas was Faiyadih bin Haji Anuwari, Marketing Manager of the Ibnu Anwari Collection while representing At-Taqwa Travel Tours was the Chief Finance Officer, Awangku Mohd Naasiruddeen bin Pengiran Haji Yusoff.

Also present were the Chief Operations Officers of At-Taqwa Travel Tours, Haji Shamsul Baharin bin Abdul Rahman, and agency’s Head of Department for Haj and Umrah, Pengiran Mohd Fakhrulrazi bin Pengiran Haji Omaralli.

The handing over ceremony was held at At-Taqwa Travel Tours main office in Tungku Link yesterday.

Logos of both companies are carefully embroidered on the Kurtas for easy identification.

Chief Finance Officer of At-Taqwa Travel Tour extended his gratitude to Ibnu Anwari Collection for the collaboration and hoped to promote the brand to a larger market.

Twenty Umrah officers from At-Taqwa Travel Tours will be deployed to ensure the safety and smooth operations for the pilgrims at the holy land.