Umrah workshop for December pilgrims

AT-TAQWA Travel Tours organised an Umrah practical workshop for a congregation of 400 umrah pilgrims who are part of At-Taqwa’s eight flight groups that will be flying to Makkah for Umrah this December. The workshop took place at the Multipurpose Hall of the Sungai Kebun Sports Complex yesterday.

The workshop was held to prepare the pilgrims before the actual Umrah, seeing that some will be performing the Umrah for the first time. This initiative of organising a workshop for the Umrah is also a first by At-Taqwa as most workshops by other agencies are for the Haj season.

The briefing and practical was led by Ustaz Haji Kahar bin Haji Ali, an officer from At-Taqwa, where a replica of the Kaabah was set up so the pilgrims could practice the Tawaf with more confidence.

Also present at the workshop was the Managing Director of At-Taqwa, Pengiran Haji Rosdimar bin Pengiran Haji Omarali.